Episode 27: Mom Jeans & Other Mistakes
Join your co-hosts Kim and Nia and our special guest, Mary our sister, best friend, and former podcast host (@livinsansouci), as we discuss Mom Jeans & Other Mistakes by Alexa Martin. Jude and Lauren are best friends and roommates (sound familiar? lol) And they share their beautiful townhouse with Lauren's five-year-old daughter Adelaide. Their journey as they maneuver adulthood and motherhood is filled with several obstacles. With some unhealthy coping mechanisms. In this episode, we unpack their friendship and character development and hold nothing back.
Discussion Questions 1-3:  06:27 - 1:07:23
The Great: 1:07:25 - 1:18:09
The Good: 1:18:13 - 1:29:03
The Not-So-Bad: 1:29:04 - 1:37:21 
The Bad: 1:37:22 - 1:39: 47
Moral of the Story: 1:39:54 - 1:41:03
Rating: 1:41:07 - 1:42:10
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