Episode 32: On Rotation
Your hosts, Kim & Nia, are so excited to be back from our summer break! And for this episode, we're discussing On Rotation by Shirlene Obuobi! In this story, we follow Angie Appiah, a Ghanaian-American med student in Chicago whose going through a serious quarter-life crisis. After a day from hell, she finds herself at one of the local festivals, where she meets Ricky Gutierrez. A gorgeous graphic designer, who says all the right things and matches her nerd-dom. But is he too good to be true? Strap in, because we hold nothing back as we discuss friendships, romance, and character development among other things.
The Great: 04:53 - 15:23
The Good: 15:27 - 20:49
The Bad: 20:50 - 28:31
Moral of the Story: 28:35 - 28:55
Rating: 28:56 - 30:03
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