Episode 19: Queen Move
Join your hosts Nia and Kim as we give you all the details on this sexy friends-to-lovers/second chance romance! Ezra and Kimba are childhood best friends that end up being separated for over twenty years. Though their first time reuniting was under sad circumstances, the sparks and fireworks are still flying. However, they aren’t kids anymore and life has pulled them onto different paths. Will they end up together or does the universe have other plans? 

We gave Kennedy Ryan another shot and you'll have to tune in to find out whether or not we regret it!
The Great: 04:50 - 16:15
The Good: 16:17 - 25:33
The Not-So-Good: 25:37 - 27:45
Moral of the Story: 28:18 - 29:22
Rating: 29:26 - 31:43
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