Episode 38: The Neighbor Favor 
Back-to-back episodes? That's right! Join your hosts Kim and Nia as we discuss all the things about The Neighbor Favor. Lily and Nick are neighbors and quickly become friends. But what Lily doesn't know, is that Nick happens to be her favorite author N.K. Strickland, who she'd been emailing with for six months until he ghosted her. And yet somehow, this bookish romance felt like a warm cozy blanket. Sisterhood, a throwback to the early 2000s, and so much more make for an interesting read! We had a lot of fun with this episode. And we think you will too!
Discussion Question: 5:22 - 12:21
The Great: 12:38 - 27:20
The Good: 27:30 - 31:51
The Bad: 31:57 - 42:54
Moral of the Story: 43:03 - 45:10
Rating: 45:12 - 45:47
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