Episode 36: They Come At Knight
Join your hosts, Kim and Nia, as we discuss the next book in the Nena Knight series, They Come at Knight by Yasmin Angoe. This time last year, we kicked off the season with the first book, Her Name is Knight, and loved it. Now we're back in Nena's world, where her family and the Tribe face an even greater threat. Someone intends to destroy the Tribe and its mission. Even worse? It may be someone from within. We have a great conversation discussing our favorite characters, the storyline and so much more.
The Great: 4:11 - 17:41
The Good: 18:15 - 32:09
The Bad: 32:18 - 43:40
Moral of the Story: 43:45 - 44:29
Rating: 44:33 - 45:04
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