Episode 21: Charming as a Verb
Join your hosts Nia and Kim as we give you the good and bad on our latest read, Charming as a Verb by Ben Philippe. Following high school students Henri “Halti” Hartwinger and Corinne Troy as they maneuver  the madness that is their senior year in New York City. SATs, College Applications, Part-time Jobs and much more lead them on the path of friendship and possible romance. 

We also take some time to acknowledge and share our thoughts on the untimely murder of young Daunte Wright in Minneapolis by a police officer. 

We've shared a few links down below where you can help support Daunte's family, girlfriend, and son.
The Good: 07:50 - 19:04 
The Bad: 19:18 - 31:46
Moral of the Story: 31:51 - 32:35
Rating: 32:36 - 33:14
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