Episode 09: Intercepted 
Join your hosts Nia and Kim, as we kick off our very first review-a-thon! This month we'll be discussing the Playbook series by Alexa Martin. And this week we're giving you all the great, good, and bad details on Intercepted!
Episode 10: Fumbled 
Join your hosts, Nia and Kim, as we continue our review-a-thon for the Playbook series! This week we give you all the great, good and bad about Poppy Paterson, TK Moore, and their second-chance love story. There's some tension, mixed with suspense and a pinch or two of steam! 
Episode 11: Blitzed 
Join your hosts, Nia and Kim as we discuss the third book in the Playbook series, Blitzed by Alexa Martin. This somewhat friends-to-lovers romance made for an unexpectedly emotional read.  And we give major middle fingers to two characters in this one. But the steam is sure to knock your socks off
Episode 12: Snapped 
Join your hosts Nia and Kim as we discuss the fourth and last book of the Playbook series! This enemies-to-lovers romance takes us on a very emotional ride. We've fallen in love with some characters, felt connected to others while simultaneously giving massive middle fingers to those we strongly disliked. It is the perfect end to a phenomenal series!
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