Episode 40: Someday, Maybe 
Join your hosts Kim and Nia, as well as our first-time guest, Latoya (@jamaicangirlreads) as we discuss a heavy yet somewhat therapeutic read. Someday, Maybe by Onyi Nwabineli is definitely not an easy story. And we highly encourage you to adhere to any and all trigger warnings prior to listening to this episode.
Following along Eve's grief journey after her husband, Quentin took his life, had us deep in our feelings. Yet also made us reflective as well. And so we decided to switch it up (again lol) and have a rolling discussion. We chatted about grief, how it can affect the people around us, and the importance of a support system, among other things. Tune in to hear all of our thoughts!
This episode is a rolling discussion and therefore we don't have any time stamps. However, we highly encourage you to check out the interaction section on Spotify. We share one of the six questions we discussed on the show there. And we'd love to hear your responses!
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