Episode 31: Fake it Till You Bake It
Join your hosts Kim and Nia as we share our thoughts on our latest contemporary romance read, Fake It Till You Bake It by Jamie Wesley. This story tackles learning disabilities, entrepreneurship, the realities of adulthood, and of course baking! Jada's career path hasn't been linear. And her recent stunt on a reality tv show has made her enemy #1 nationwide. On the flip side, football player and cupcake shop owner, Donovan is a man with a plan. What happens when these two opposites attract? Ultimatums, fake dating, and other wild adventures ensue!
The Great: 04:22 - 14:28
The Good: 14:33 - 17:58
The Bad: 18:04 - 24:51
Moral of the Story: 25:09 - 25:20
Rating: 25:40 - 26:17
Announcement: 26:18 - 26:58
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