Episode 25: A Lot Like Adiós 
Your co-hosts Kim and Nia are FINALLY back after an unexpected hiatus with a review of A Lot Like Adiós by Alexis Daria. Around this time last year, we discussed the first book in the series, You Had Me at Hola, and had a fun time! Now we're following one of the other Primas of Power, Michelle Amato as she navigates working for her former best friend, Gabriel Aguilar's gym. Hired to work on the marketing campaign for the gym's New York City location, Michelle is uncertain just how much distance she should put between her and Gabe after he left unexpectedly, thirteen years ago. Gabe has a lot of unresolved baggage back home in the Bronx including unfinished business with Michelle. We have an interesting ride maneuvering through the feelings of betrayal, second-chance romance, and fake dating drama this contemporary romance throws at us.
The Great: 04:37 - 14:20
The Good: 14:21 - 20:00
The Bad: 20:01 - 25:38
Moral of the Story: 25:40 - 26:39
Rating: 26:40 - 27:13
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