Shop With Us: Top 3 Essentials We Get at BJ's!
About five years ago, we sat together in our new apartment and decided to create a plan/system that would help us lower and cut costs. Back in college, we both had memberships to Sam's Club which helped us survive those Michigan summers when we didn't have access to our meal plan lol. And so we knew that we at least wanted to get a membership at one of the popular bulk stores near us. 
Settling with BJ's we immediately started picking up things we wanted and thought we needed. And we went overboard. Which turned out to be the best and ultimate learning lesson for us.  After throwing away stale produce and things we just didn't end up using, we realized that we had to really get a grip on what we actually NEEDED vs wanted. 
And so we asked ourselves the most basic question: What do we use daily that we just don't want to think about? 
Our answers ended up being divided into three categories or essentials!
Laundry Essentials: Detergent, Fabric Softener, Scent Beads, and Dryer Sheets
Bathroom Essentials: Toothpaste, Toilet Paper, and Hand Wash
Kitchen Essentials: Dishwashing Liquid, Cleaning Products, Paper Towels, and certain frozen foods in bulk
And this tides us over for at least 4-6 months. Where  we don't have to think about whether or not we have enough detergent to do one or several loads of laundry, or having to remind ourselves to pick up paper towels on the way home from work. And where it's really helped us is with things like toothpaste, handwash, toilet paper, and dishwashing liquid. Which are items that in one way, or another we use daily. 
This system was also a massive help during the early stages of the pandemic, when people were buying out toilet paper and paper towels. And believe it or not, it continues to help us now as we meander through inflation, and unprecedented price hikes. 
If there's one lesson we'll take with us into this new decade, it's to make sure we continue to have systems like this in place, so we don't, for the most part, have to worry. If you shop in bulk, what are some go-to essentials you get for your home?Do you have any tips? And do you like our system? Tell us all the things by shooting us a DM on Instagram or via email

xo Kim & Nia

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