Nia's Winter Skin Care Routine 
My skincare changes with every season. And during the winter, I end up switching products out or doing something different in the middle of a season, because I have a complicated relationship with my skin. My skin is on the dry side of the spectrum, and  I have a lot of hyperpigmentation. On top of this, products seem to only last for a certain amount of time before I feel like my skin reaches a plateau and that product or products no longer work for me. So I’m always trying to find new products that will help. Recently this routine has been doing it for me. 
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On a daily basis regarding my facial skincare, I’ve been using the Biore Blemish fighting Ice cleanser as a face wash and applying a rose water spray afterward. With rose being one of my favorite fragrances and scents, I tend to always gravitate toward rose-infused products.  Afterward, I apply a good dose of the Summer Fridays' Deep Hydration Serum. This should come as no surprise since I'm a huge fan of Summer Fridays products. (I still highly recommend their Jet Lag Face Mask) Then I apply my Nivea’s Soft Moisturizing Cream as a moisturizer and wrap it up with Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen. This has been my go-to routine and I’ve noticed my skin practically glowing when I’m done with this routine. 
Now, facial skin care is important. And I meant it when I said my skin tends to run dry. So of course, I have to include some of my favorite overall body care products into my routine. Once a week, I love to exfoliate with my Treehut Watermelon Body Scrub. And recently, I’ve rediscovered Beauty is Self Care’s body oil. I've been using it as a body moisturizer heavily.  Both products have helped soothe and moisturize my legs and arms, and they both help prevent those unwanted dry patches that tend to pop up around this time.
How do you combat dry skin during the winter months? I'm always looking to add moisture to my skin so if you have some tried and true products that you love let your girl know! 
x Nia Simon
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