Kim's April Sunday Reset
I’ll be honest, I don’t suffer from the dreaded Sunday Scaries. Instead, I’m usually smacked in the face with the Monday Lazies. And let me tell you those Mondayest Monday blues can pack a serious punch. Around two years ago, I thought the best way to combat those blues, was to be productive and organized. In other words, I'd gather up my planners and organizers and start to plan out my week with to-do lists, weekly goals, plan Instagram posts for my bookstagram account, KimBookWyrm, and more. You name it, I'm creating a list for it. And although, I felt a certain level of satisfaction with getting things out on paper and digitally ( yes I also have digital planners, I'm that annoying), those Monday blues still kept coming back. 

And so this month, I wanted to try something new. Nia and I often talk about Self-Care Sunday on the show's Instagram page. And how important it is, to practice self-love. So instead of focusing on being productive,  I chose to do things that are restful and relaxing. A calm reset, if you will. 

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Calm Sunday Reset Checklist
Location: A section of our living room affectionately dubbed Kim's Korner and Nia's Nook!
If you're like me, then setting the mood is really important. Starting with my favorite meditation playlist from Apple Music. Then, with my sunset lamp, I choose the exact colors I want to use to create a soothing ambiance. There's just something about sunsets that bring forth calm, comfort, and ease right? Next, I like to spritz my reading/writing chair with my favorite room spray, Divine which has notes of dark rose, labdanum + patchouli from Soy Yo, a Latina-owned company. Unfortunately, they're currently sold out of linen + and room sprays. But I highly recommend checking them out! And because I'm a bit of a scent freak, and true to our show, I have to light a candle. With the start of spring, I'm desperate to get on a sandy beach somewhere in the Caribbean.  And the perfect candle to set the tone is the Mangosteen +  Green Coconut hand-poured candle from Jenny Bean Candle Co. 

Once the mood is set, I like to rummage around in my skincare collection of goodies (usually masks). And this month I pulled the Pūrilsse Matcha Green Tea + Lemon Detoxifying Charcoal Mask. Now I'll be honest, I'm a huge fan of clay masks. They rejuvenate and brighten my skin and I always get that fresh, clean feeling afterward. The Matcha Green Tea + Lemon mask definitely did not disappoint. 
Sidebar:  I'm always on the hunt for new clay masks! If you have any recommendations shoot us an email or DM on Instagram. 

Okay now that the mood is set and the mask is on, it's time to grab my Hustle Harder Journal from Be Rooted Co., a Black-owned stationery brand, that I picked up from Target. I like to spend the next fifteen to thirty minutes writing in my korner about everything. All of the highs and lows of the previous week and my hopes and intentions for the upcoming week. As well as my goals, desires, and dreams. I brain dump all of it out on the pages. And once I'm finished, I truly feel refreshed. Not concerned with creating lists or planning for the week. Instead, I'm prioritizing putting my best foot forward by releasing stress and setting some time for myself that isn't solely focused on productivity. 
How do you push the reset button for the upcoming week or month? Let me know by shooting a quick DM on Instagram or by sending us an email at!
xo Kim Laird

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