Kim's Morning Routine
I like to treat the start of a new year as a renaissance of sorts. A revival into a better, wiser—hopefully, and functional me. And as someone who thrives off of schedules, routines, and plans, I love to create or figure out that new thing that'll help me accomplish whatever goal I've set my mind to.
Three of the most important goals I have for myself this year are; to be healthier, happier, and to protect my peace on all fronts. 
So in January, I set out to fine-tune my morning and nightly routines that prioritized all of those things. Which sounds like a lot of pressure for the morning, doesn't it? It definitely felt like it at first. However, I've managed to perfect—with help from Nia—a morning routine that checks all those boxes!
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Morning Routine: 
Since I'm an early bird, the first thing I knew I needed to do was to wake up earlier than I had been those last 2-3 months of 2022. Not only did I set my alarm for an earlier wake-up time—6 AM. But I finally set up a DND (do not disturb) morning routine on my phone that gives me an extra hour of not receiving notifications. Thereby giving me no good reason to pick up my phone first thing. Well except to turn off my alarm of course lol
After brushing my teeth and throwing on some exercise clothes, Nia and I meet up in our living room for a 30-minute stretch and workout to get the juices flowing and to help us fully wake up. Because to be honest, we're legit zombies in the morning. 
Then it's supplements and greens time. Nia and I are no strangers to taking supplements. And we decided to keep it simple in this first quarter. Our primary goals are to boost Immunity, get a little help with digestion and bloating, and combat cravings.  Now I know that Bloom has been peddled around social media frequently in the last year. But it's such a convenient way to get the necessary antioxidants and greens in my system. Add in the sea moss and combat cravings supplements, and we're good to go for the day. Plus if you're having any issues with regularity let me tell you, this combo helps with that tremendously. 
Following that is my favorite part of this routine, a steamy shower, and skincare.  While my meditation playlist, audiobook, or latest fave podcast plays in the background, I take my time doing all the things. Including cleansing and moisturizing my face, and layering on my body creams and lotions. This is probably where I spend the most time in the morning. This is where I think of the day ahead without all of the tension that I'd been feeling in the last year. Then I make my first cup of tea, take some time to journal, and write out my to-do list for the day. 
Now that's not to say that I haven't had to pivot or re-work this routine a few times. I've also slacked off on exercising some mornings. But having this routine has helped me tremendously. I feel more productive, less stressed, (most of the time), and ready to tackle the day. 

xo Kim Laird

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