Nia's Winter Skincare Routine 
Unlike Kim, I do get the “Sunday scaries”. I didn’t even know there was a term for it. I’ve always felt pressure and anxiety preparing for the work week ahead. While also feeling like I shouldn’t have these feelings. So basically, a hamster wheel of emotions lol This year has brought a big change in my work schedule/load, which means even more prep on Sundays. 

I try to plan my Sundays around getting all work-related tasks and goals done or drafted in the morning. And full relaxation in the evening. If “work” runs into the evening--which tends to happen often because I’m not gonna lie, I like sleep--I have a hybrid reset day. Which works for me because while I love to relax, my brain does not know how to shut off (isn’t that something). 

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First, I have to light a candle. My vanilla and sea salt candle from DW Homes is a must-have during the spring months. You know those scents that are usually associated with calm vibes?  Like, lavender, or maybe a musk scent. For me, sea salt gives off a fresh and vibrant feel while the vanilla gives all the warm and cozy feelings. Coming together to create a layer of peace and helps to begin the process of relaxing my mind while simultaneously focusing on the tasks at hand.

Once I’ve got that going, I write out my to-do list on my whiteboard. I find that writing to-do lists and goals on something I can see either on my wall or the fridge and not just having them in my head, helps make my days and week feel SO much more productive. And yes, this took me waayyy too long to acknowledge lol I was very much a person who thought she could remember everything that needed to be done. ALTHOUGH I’m aware that I have a habit of forgetting things. Insanity, I know. I’m a work in progress!

Now that work is out of the way, I ease into the relaxed portion of my reset aka “Nia time.” This usually starts with a playlist. I’m currently obsessed with the Official Black Girls in Starbucks☕️ playlist on Apple Music. I can play this in the background of almost anything. I don’t remember how I found this playlist, but it’s been great so far! 

Next up, a face mask! I’ve been in love with the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask for years! It’s still my go-to product, especially when my face needs some extra TLC. My skin is usually a sensitive topic for me. But my face always looks radiant and moisturized afterwards! 

I also tend to wash and detangle my hair on the weekends. My current hair mask fave is TGIN’s Miracle Repair Deep Hydrating Hair Mask. When my hair feels dry and/or brittle, I slap this on. And It works wonders. I have zero complaints. 
Once these two masks are on, I pick up my current read apart from what we’re reading for the show. This week I’m starting Becoming by Michelle Obama. I’m really looking forward to this since I’ve heard nothing but great things!
These steps really allow me to turn on but also turn off my brain and squeeze in some necessary me time. It also grounds me and is a reminder of how important it is to just stay in the moment.

What are some ways you try to stay grounded and quiet your mind? Let me know by shooting a quick DM on Instagram or by sending us an email at!

x Nia Simon
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